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Looking for an emergency plumber in Seaford that will keep your costs low? Many of our customers avoid calling an emergency plumber in Seaford, opting for DIY solutions to their plumbing problems, to save themselves money. The truth is, this might do for a while, to unclog a bathroom drain, or a kitchen sink, but in the long run, you’ll find these band-aid solutions will be costing you more in drainage products, or that your system will deteriorate.

Every time a blockage is present, it puts stress on your system – you want to make sure that your system is working at its best! That’s why you want an emergency plumber, able to help you 24/7! We don’t just advertise as an emergency plumber and then not prioritise you! 

Whether you’re in Seaford, or Keysborough, Lynbrook, Narre Warren, we can help. Our superior services are affordable and professional. Call us

Electrician Seaford

Looking for an electrician that can help keep the lights on and the appliances humming away! Don’t put up with constant shortages and outages, or with an electrical system that will cause your appliances to blow. You can call on us, whether you need a rewiring or a switchboard upgrade, or you are undertaking a major renovation.

We are well known throughout the South East for our superior service!  We are also a registered gas fitter service. 

Air Conditioning Installation Seaford

If you don’t want to dread summer’s approach, if you want a good night’s sleep in the warmer months, in the comfort of a cool bedroom, there’s only one option – you need an affordable air conditioning installation for Seaford!

With South East Plumbing and Electrical’s air conditioning installation for Seaford, you know you are getting a system that will suit your budget and keep you cool!

Just have a look at the testimony of our many satisfied customers.



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