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Blocked Drains Oakleigh

Suffering the pain of a blocked drain in Oakleigh? There is nothing worse than trying to clean dishes or use a bathroom sink that is blocked. Often, refuse will regurgitate into the drain, such as food scraps or other particles. Worse than that is when the sink won’t drain properly, leaving the sink area dirty and unhygienic.

To avoid this issue, it’s best to make sure that you heed the early warning signs of a drain that isn’t clearing properly. What are these? Your blocked drain in Oakleigh should clear quickly, so a slow draining sink can be a sign that an obstruction is building. Another sign is a sink the bubbles or gurgles when clearing, this is a sign that air is collecting behind an obstruction and is released in order that the drain can clear. So many nasty things can cause a blocked drain in Oakleigh homes!

You can try to treat the problem yourself, for example by plunging. This will work, if only for a while. After this, however, the issue will quickly return. What is worse is that the whatever is causing the blockage will attract more substances to it – it’s growing all the time!

To clean out of your blocked drain in Oakleigh of these mentionable you need a more powerful tool than a humble home plunger. South East Plumbing and Electrical have exactly what you need. Blast away the offending substance with a high-pressure hose! That’s right, with just water, no harsh chemicals, we will blast free your drain, so it will drain as well as it did when new. Why not call today for your blocked drain!

We can also perform electrical work, as well as a gas fitting. We can perform switchboard repairs and, as an emergency service, we can come to you whenever you need! Call us today!

In addition to Oakleigh, we also provide services in Clyde, Hastings, Lynbrook, Frankston and surrounding suburbs.



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