Blocked Drains Langwarrin

Have you wondered why you sink stands water with scraps in it, like food scraps or silt? Maybe you’ve noticed hair in the sink after you drain the plug, which won’t wash away? This can be quite unpleasant when you’re trying to wash up or use the bathroom.

It’s likely the issue is called by a blocked drain. Blocked drains in Langwarrin can be things that customers will ignore for a while. Or, they may try to treat them DIY, using a home plunger, or other treatments, available through the local hardware store, such as “Draino”. It’s important to note what the company doesn’t advertise, namely that if you use draino on PVC drains excessively, you can actually damage the integrity of the plastic. What’s more, while your drain may clear for a while, the actual source of the blockage may still be there. A blocked drain in Langwarrin needs a lasting solution, it needs a consummate professional, such as South East Plumbing and Electrical.

Here at South East Plumbing and Electrical, we make sure to provide you with an affordable service that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, for a blocked drain in Langwarrin we use a simply solution – water! That’s right, with a high-pressure hose South East Plumbing and Electrical can flush out your drain easily and quickly, so you can get back to using a fully functional drainage system!

We also offer an air conditioning installation service and can install split system air conditioner to keep you cool in summer! As an emergency plumber, we are available 24/7! If you have a flood in your loungeroom, call us now! For new gas instalment, get a qualified gas fitter. This is the beauty of South East Plumbing and Electrical, we are here for whatever you need in home utility repair and installation, no matter the issue. Let us help you get better utilities today!

In addition to Langwarrin, we also provide services in Clyde, Seaford, Lynbrook, Somerville and surrounding suburbs.



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