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Tired of electricians that cost you an arm and a leg, and only have to be called back to the house a few months later, to correct the same issue? It’s true that there are a lot of tradesman out there who cut corners these days. It’s best to go with a name that is trusted in the community and with a large enough scale of operations that they can perform your electrical work credibly and at an affordable price.

South East Plumbing and Electrical and just such an electrician, well respected and well known throughout the Doveton area, as well as in Dromana, Hampton Park, Hastings and many surrounding suburbs. As both plumbers and electricians, we have an all-round, holistic approach to the necessary services in your home.

Whether you need minor wiring work, or a major renovation re-wire, we guarantee to deliver our service affordably and professionally. We can help with surge protection and data and telephone cabling.

We also service: Seaford, Somerville and other suburbs.

Switchboard Upgrade Doveton

Are you aware of the importance of your home’s electrical switchboard? It is something like the nerve-centre of your home’s electrical wiring, without the proper function of which, the rest of your home’s electrical function cannot function.

You might have noticed minor issues, come to think of it, like flickering lights, or power tripping, or maybe the safety is constantly turning on when you are using multiple appliances at once? This could all be signs you need a switchboard upgrade in Doveton.

Maybe your home is old, and the newer appliances are straining the system, or, worse, it is new, but the builder hasn’t installed a properly functioning system. Here at South East Plumbing and Electrical will sadly see this all too often. If this is so, why not ask South East Plumbing and Electrical to perform a switchboard upgrade for Doveton?

We can also perform air conditioning installation and repair (this can also be a cause of switchboard malfunction), and we are registered for gas ducted heating services, and ducted heater installation.



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