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Blocked Drains Clayton

Blocked drain in Clayton getting you down? For a blocked drain solution, you can go past the consummate professionals at South East Plumbing and Electrical. Many of the customers we assist will put up with a blocked drain in Clayton for far too long, because of the perceived expense of having a plumber visit the home. To save money, customers will ignore the issue, using make-shit solutions, such as a plunger or corrosive chemicals (dangerous to you and your family) which are poured down the sink for a temporary solution.

But that nasty obstruction, whatever foulness it might be, is only building over time. What caused it in the first place will remain unless you get the professionals at South East Plumbing and Electrical. You don’t have pay through the nose to treat a blocked drain in Clayton. We have highly sophisticated tools and a secret chemical that will get rid of the issue. What is this secret chemical? Water! That’s right, H2O, blown through a high-pressure hose, which we feed into your sink, is usually enough to flush away the obstruction for good! The ease of the job, using the right tools, means that in no time at all you’ll have a working sink again.

We work smart so you don’t pay more for a simply job! Don’t pay too much for a blocked drain in Clayton!

We also offer an air conditioning installation service, can install split system air conditioner. As an emergency plumber, we are available 24/7, whenever the worst happens, call the best! For new gas instalment, get a qualified gas fitter. This is the beauty of South East Plumbing and Electrical, we are here for whatever you need in home utility repair and installation, no matter the issue. Let us help you get better utilities today!

In addition to Clayton, we also provide services in Clyde, Somerville, Mornington, Frankston and surrounding suburbs.



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